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Pre-Match Socials

Since football returned on the 17th June, behind closed doors, we have held over 20 virtual "Pre-Match Socials" on Zoom for our members.


We also invite members of the opposing team's LGBT+ groups, and we discuss all things football, LGBT+ inclusion, and anything else that may be topical!

Always well attended and well-spirited, the Pre-Match socials provide that safe and easy way to get excited about the game ahead!

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Time to Talk 

Time to Talk day is on February 4th. We will be hosting a conversation about Mental Health and sharing our experiences.

Talking is even more important than ever, as we navigate what has been a very difficult 12 months. Lockdown loneliness has affected many people, and those with pre-existing mental health struggles can be hit even harder. 

LGBTQ+ people can also be more susceptible, due to a variety of factors, including potential discrimination and inequality. 

LGBT+ History Month

For LGBT+ History Month this February, our members have been sharing their LGBTQ+ (and ally) heroes.


We've highlighted an incredible and diverse group of people, with more still to come. 

Our Members' heroes include Megan Rapinoe, Nicola Adams, Harvey Milk, Stephen Fry, Alan Turing, and many more! 

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