Our Mission

Who we are, and what we do:


Our Aims

We are the official LGBTQ+ Supporters Network of Aston Villa FC. We have a strong objective and mission: to create positive inclusion for LGBTQ+ people and other minority groups who may otherwise be subject to discrimination.


We believe that connecting with the masses is crucial to our success. With campaigns such as "Villa Allies" we aim to empower individuals in supporting another person's differences, and standing up against all forms of inequality. 

Our Campaigns

Our Members

Our membership is a diverse network of LGBT+ people and Allies. We strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, no matter their background.

As Villa fans, the main thing that unites us is our passion for Aston Villa FC, but we are also united in a common aim of helping to make the Aston Villa community as safe and welcoming as possible.


We recently reached the milestone of 300 members, and this number is always increasing! 

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